Names & Domains, Etcetera

As you can see, the website now redirects to instead of or whatever it was set to. That's because I bought a couple domains. I didn't have an official website for a while and Wordpress is too expensive right now. Blogger's new designs are good enough. I reorganized the left side to contain external links and parts of the actual website. Updates is reserved for news. Bibliography is for books, obviously. Discography is for music.

For the time being this will work, but I do plan on reorganizing and adding pages for all of my stuff. The discography page will see links added to each entry. When clicking the link, you'll be brought to the album artwork and the track listing. I may add some production notes.

As for the bibliography section, it will function the same way. A link will bring you to the book's cover, information, links to buy and so on. That's all I have for now.