1. Why don't you upload your discography to Archive.org, Last.fm, Bandcamp or other official venues?

I'm very selective about my discography. Anything before 2017 may have been made with royalty free samples and other miscellaneous VSTs, which is why I won't sell them or upload them officially. The only resource available for people to get them is by download (see Free Music on the external link).

2.  Where do I get your free music and why don't you advertise your music?

See the answer above. Free music is located under the external links or my Soundcloud.

3. Why do you take so long to write your books?

I have to work and go to school. That takes a long time, too. I don't get handouts.

4. How come your art is so sparse?

See #3.

5. Don't you do some stuff in film, video and YouTube as well?

Yes, but I don't advertise it on my main site unless it's a professionally produced piece.

6. Didn't you work with S. A. Lusher?

Yes and I still plan to.

7. Weren't you one of the creators of Dark Nexus Fiction?

Yes as well as a couple other publishing houses.

8.  You don't have many fans, why bother?

You're not my dad.

9. Why are you using Blogger and not Wordpress?

I use both.

10. Will you have an online store for your bootleg works and all that stuff?

I will have an online store for everything one day.